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Episode 57 - Chad Briggs and Goodrich Gevaart

Chicago has a new mass transit card, and it's terrible. Veteran despairer Chad Briggs joins newcomer and gigglepuss Goodrich Gevaart to discuss that horror, plus the nightmare of modern customer service. Edward Snowden's government theft is compared to that of Fat Lenny, who ripped off the Navy for millions. Poor people take it in the shorts again. And Chad unveils his newest character, Folksy South American Sheriff.

Episode 56 - Bill Bullock and Sonia Denis

Regular guests Bill Bullock and Sonia Denis return to reveal their secret identities as Information Technology professionals for a discussion of, the failing Obamacare website. The NSA is also in the news as the discussion turns to privacy in the modern age or the lack thereof. Sonia will cut you before telling you if she's single or not. Bill puts his business out on the street. There's also a discussion of Girl Scout cookies as a gateway to lesbianism, and how open mic comedy causes us all to lose faith in humanity.

Episode 55 - Stephanie Hasz and Katie McVay

Returning champions Stephanie Hasz and Katie McVay join me for a live episode that needed to have the monologue re-recorded due to technical difficulties. Racist NFL owners and bisexual Disney princesses are in the news, plus menstruating t-shirts make an appearance. Katie knows things about football. Stephanie has an unusual crush on an animated character. Katie and Stephanie disagree about boycotting terrible companies, but unite in their belief in ghosts against me. I don't really have much control over this episode.

Episode 54 - The Byrnes Sisters Strike Again

In previous episodes, my sisters have ruined Christmas, and Memorial Day. Now they ruin a funeral. This episode was recorded after attending the funeral of a close family member, and my sisters help produce an episode where the humor is as black as pitch. It's the full set of Kubler-Ross stages, it's the laugh that catches in your throat, it's the tears which might be of laughter or pain. It's This Week in Despair. This episode also contains a tribute to our fallen comrade and former guest, the late Dan Ronan.

Episode 53 - Andy Fleming, Jason Earl Folks, and Derek Sheen

It's our first-ever three-guest show! Seattle comic Derek Sheen is in town to join stalwart regulars Andy Fleming and Jason Earl Folks on a week where the government has been shut down, giant Chinese wasps fill the air, lizard people roam the streets undetected, and local restaurants are serving blasphemy on a bun, so the show is even more apocalyptic than usual. We learn what American voters believe. Killer bees make a comeback. Jason would prefer to fight a bear. And the latest Bigfoot news, of course. 

Episode 52 - Matt Drufke and Joe Herrmann

Fellow comedy dads, über-nerds, and loud laughers Matt Drufke and Joe Herrmann join me on a week where Ted Cruz redefines a waste of time on the floor of the Senate. Pregnant priests, warp drive, and the deliciousness of babies all get discussed. We get nostalgic for how Rodney King was merely beaten. What would Jesus do? Probably not cut the food stamp program. Joe gets horrible parenting advice. It's our first episode with an Easter Egg!

Episode 51 - Adam Burke and Stephanie Hasz

Adam Burke and Stephanie Hasz are my two most frequent guests, but they've never appeared together on an episode...until now. On this special LIVE episode from Chicago's Hungry Brain, we have to sort through the wreckage of yet another gun massacre, plus the Costa Concordia makes a surprise return appearance. Espionage figures are discussed, including an Egyptian stork and Jackson Pollock. Hawai'ian names are pronouced. Clowns are disparaged.

Episode 50 - Stephanie Hasz and Nathan Rabin

Our 50th episode is also one of our most entertaining. First-time guest Nathan Rabin and long-time regular guest Stephanie Hasz join me for a discussion about Miss America, Juggalos, and Vladimir Putin. Our historical relationship with Russia is explained thorugh the filter of Rocky IV and Hawaii Five-O. Tattoos are shared. Speaking ill of the dead is approved of by all guests, and then exemplified by an extended trashing of the works of Michael Crichton. Nathan and I try to out-do one another on obscure 1980s film references, and go deep into the weeds. Stephanie is patient.

Episode 49 - Will Miles and Liza Treyger

We recorded this episode on September 11th, which is like Christmas for despair fetishists. Will Miles and Liza Treyger join in my nostalgia for terrible things, as George Zimmerman popping up in the news gives us an opportunity to review the Trayvon Martin case, and an analysis of Syria and Rwandan genocide somehow turns into a discussion of Sex and the City. Will and Liza explain OKCupid to me. Will reveals his family's UFO abduction past. Liza reviews her preferences in flowers.

Episode 48 - James Fritz and Zach Peterson

On our very first ever live episode, delivered to a largely indifferent coffeeshop audience at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, we're joined by one of the guests on our very first episode, James Fritz, because sometimes you want a friend when you go skydiving without a parachute. He's joined by the Bard of Nebraska, Zach Peterson, as we run through the week's news, which includes marijuana legalization, NFL concussions, and Syrian diplomacy, only two of which involve brain-damaged people.