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Episode 46 - Sonia Denis and Charlie Rohrer

It's a week when there's a new Royal Baby and a new panelist on The View, so first-time guest Charlie Rohrer is joined by the canny veteran Sonia Denis to help sort it all out. Charlie doesn't like babies. Sonia doesn't like anyone. Genital-hungry Israeli snakes, Jenny McCarthy and other horrible creatures make an appearance. Sonia reveals her new hit song for next summer, and takes us to the bleakest subject matter we've ever had on the show!

Episode 45 - Ever Mainard and Cody Melcher

On the week where the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down, we convene a demographically-accurate all-gay Texan panel of frequent guests Ever Mainard and Cody Melcher, who discuss Rick Perry, Playboy bunny art installations, and how it feels to win one for a change. Ever and Cody perform their "gas station voices." Racist Disney films are discussed. Cody and I debate the end of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Ever reveals the true identity of her father at the end, making this the Empire Strikes Back episode.


Friend-of-the-show Joel Ingersoll (@flyoverjoel) and the femme fatale known on Twitter as @juicymorsel hold an annual drive to benefit Heifer International, an excellent charity which provides livestock to people in third-world countries to create sustainable agriculture. The drive is known as #Tweet4Meat, and we're doing our part this year to help out. Here's what YOU can do:

  1. Between Dec 4th - 11th, use Twitter or Facebook to promote the link: and use the hashtag #Tweet4Meat.
  2. Go donate yourself, ya cheap bastard.
  3. Forward your

Episode 44 - Sonia Denis and Andy Fleming

Regular panelists Sonia Denis and Andy Fleming are back for a very strange episode in which a discussion of Paula Deen and Rupert Murdoch is delayed so I can explain the plot of Last Tango in Paris and give a brief history of sexual lubricant. Other topics include eyeball licking and breast-milk-flavored lollipops, both of which will haunt your nightmares forever.

Episode 43 - Drew Frees and Stewart Huff

From the heart of Bloomington IN, Drew Frees and Stewart Huff join me for our first remote recording, made during the Limestone Comedy Festival. It's a episode in which the difficulty of major social change is discussed in the wake of the NSA scandal, and how the poor are well and truly screwed in this country. We also talk about bare boobs in New York City, so there's something for everyone. Well, maybe not for rich straight women.

Episode 42 - The Return of the Byrnes Sisters

My sisters previously ruined Christmas, and now they're back to ruin another holiday. Memorial Day usually means cookouts, and on this food-themed show we discuss marijuana-infused bacon, insect-based protein, and how everything gives you cancer. Suzanne makes a brave stand against poisioning one's family. Pepperoni pervert perpetrators make an appearance. My sisters salute our Presidents on Memorial Day with a series of graphic sexual references. They're terrible people.

Episode 41 - Cody Melcher and Ranjit Souri

The co-hosts of the delightful podcast Tomefoolery, Cody Melcher and Ranjit Souri, don their tinfoil hats and join me on a trip down the rabbit hole, as the news this week leads us to a series of conspiracy theories. The IRS scandal and Benghazi are given their due, but also the theory that tornadoes in Oklahoma are created by the White House to distract us from their crimes. We discuss sexy Tasmanian ghosts, and devils. Cody unveils his funeral plans.

Episode 40 - Steve Walker and Brian Wille

This week, Steve Walker and Brian Wille join me for a discussion of bodily horrors, with multiple stories of terrible things being inserted or excreted from a cornucopia of orifices. The revenge of bees, and the 3-D printing of guns also come in for scrutiny. I am accused of working for the NSA. Bad parenting decisions come in for review. Brian is called upon to represent all of Central and South America. No diapers were soiled in the making of this episode.

Episode 39 - Joel Ingersoll

Sometimes the peril of doing a topical show is that you end up processing tragedy in real-time. When my guest Joel Ingersoll agreed to do the show months in advance on a trip through Chicago, he had no idea that he'd be talking about the bombing at the Boston Marathon, which happened just days before we recorded. The result is a conversation that's sometimes sober, sometimes funny, but never dull. We spend a surprising amount of time talking about baseball. I discover the existence of a Minnesota foodstuff with an ethnic slur in its name.

Episode 38 - Andy Fleming and Stephanie Hasz

Frequent guests and good-but-not-great friends Andy Fleming and Stephanie Hasz have never appeared together on the show, and their pairing results in utter insanity. The sexiness of Elizabeth Warren is discussed. Bob Woodward is explained and defamed again. Sex is Zimbabwe is revealed to be dangerous. Stephanie shares her top sexual fantasy over a multi-year period. Andy reveals a shameful Star Wars secret in his past. My guests share their encyclopedic knowledge of statutory rape laws in multiple states. I hide under the desk for much of this episode.