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Other Podcast Appearances

Tomefoolery with Cody Melcher

Tomefoolery is a podcast where guests are invited to come and discuss a book, usually an awful one. I'm on this one frequently, mainly because I'm willing to do the reading.

Taboo Table Talk with Krish Mohan

Krish Mohan has a political podcast he was kind enough to let me pontificate upon on a couple of occasions. Both times, I talked so much that he had to break the conversation into two parts. Whoops.

This pairing was recorded after the 2016 Presidential Election.

​This pairing was recorded before the election. Listen to how happy I sound!

Turn Your Head and Laugh

  • Processing Grief in Real Time
    • On Seth Shapiro's podcast, Stewart Huff and I awkwardly discuss police executions in Louisiana and Minnesota and the execution of police in Dallas, Texas, all on the weekend on which they transpired.

The Skewer

The Skewer is a political satire comedy show where performers read "live op-eds" on recent news-related subjects, capped off with a debate. I was on the latest one, debunking the myth of the neglected rural voter.

We Still Like You

We Still Like You is a storytelling show where participants tell awful stories about things they've done for an audience that reassures them that they're still worthy of affection. (It's not true, but it's nice of them to say regardless.) I'm on this episode. This is an absolutely terrific podcast.

Strangers on this Road with Mat Alano-Martin

Write Club

Write Club is a "live lit" show where dueling participants are given topics and write an essay on behalf of their side.

Arguments and Grievances

Arguments and Grievances is another debate show/podcast, only there are multiple rounds and participants choose their own topics.

Put Your Hands Together with Cameron Esposito

  • Oct 2014
    • Me performing with a gaggle of other comedians including TJ Miller and Alan Strickland Williams.

Paper Machete

  • President Nixon's Pardon
    • On the anniversary of Nixon's pardon, I remind the Paper Machete audience of how awful he was by quoting from his tapes.

Mistakes with Donni Sapphire

Friesen Point

You Could Be Dead with James Fritz

Rye Bread Radio