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Cody Melcher

Episode 103 - Live from Iowa 2016

It's Election Season, and the podcast goes on the road to report live from the Iowa Democratic Caucuses, and brought Tim Barnes and Cody Melcher along for sociological experimentation. Interviews with local Democratic party officials and a live segement from the caucus site in Dubuque are in the offing. Tim is baffled by The West Wing. Cody is anxious about his peer group. Also, making her debut on the podcast, my daughter, known only as The Vegetarian Teen. It doesn't get much more topical than this, kids.

Episode 58

Cody does his version of Sam Kinison's history professor in Back to School, only with pre-WWI politics.

Episode 58 - Cody Melcher, Dave Stinton, and Alexandra Tsarpalas

It's the beginning of the charity season, and your host isn't feeling particularly chartiable. Returning veterans Cody Melcher, Alexandra Tsarpalas, and Dave Stinton are dragged into the cynical mire. Compassion fatigue and inefficient charities are discussed. A what-if scenario is discussed in which Mikhail Baryshnikov rules Russia instead of Vladimir Putin. We are collectively mean to a child with leukemia. All that, plus the horrifying dark side of Flipper!

Episode 45 - Ever Mainard and Cody Melcher

On the week where the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down, we convene a demographically-accurate all-gay Texan panel of frequent guests Ever Mainard and Cody Melcher, who discuss Rick Perry, Playboy bunny art installations, and how it feels to win one for a change. Ever and Cody perform their "gas station voices." Racist Disney films are discussed. Cody and I debate the end of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Ever reveals the true identity of her father at the end, making this the Empire Strikes Back episode.

Episode 45 - Outtakes

Cody Melcher had an effeminate married man come into the hat store where he works. We spend a lot of time creating a rich back story for him and his wife. With Ever Mainard.

Episode 41 - Cody Melcher and Ranjit Souri

The co-hosts of the delightful podcast Tomefoolery, Cody Melcher and Ranjit Souri, don their tinfoil hats and join me on a trip down the rabbit hole, as the news this week leads us to a series of conspiracy theories. The IRS scandal and Benghazi are given their due, but also the theory that tornadoes in Oklahoma are created by the White House to distract us from their crimes. We discuss sexy Tasmanian ghosts, and devils. Cody unveils his funeral plans.

Episode 41 - Outtakes

Ranjit sacrifices himself for the sake of the monologue.

Episode 37 - Chad Briggs and Cody Melcher

Our first-ever star-spangled all-Texas panel of Chad Briggs and Cody Melcher demonstrate just what a wide demographic diversity that state really has. It's a week where horsemeat and beauty-pageant show ponies were in the news, as well as the animals behind Girls Gone Wild. Chad and I try once more to discuss our sexual obsession with Debra Winger and Urban Cowboy, but are once again stymied as the conversation turns to Paul Lynde. The sequester and Bradley Manning somehow get worked in there as well.

Episode 13 - Bill Bullock and Cody Melcher

On a week where The Olympics celebrated the pinnacle of human health and achivement and Chick-Fil-A served up homophobia on a bun, Bill Bullock and Cody Melcher stop by to help me make sense of it all. Cody displays both a rapier wit and an extensive knowledge of rapiers. Bill reveals his encyclopedic knowledge of statutory rape laws in Midwestern states. Indiana is repeatedly disparaged. This episode is brought to you by schadenfreude.